Car Engine maintenance is one of the most essential car care activity that requires huge investment, an investment that pays off with enhanced fuel efficiency and longer engine life.

The most common cause of various engine problems is overheating. This is one such factor that contributes to various engine issues like overheated engine, engine surges, strange engine sounds, engine hesitation, and more fuel consumption. This key contributing factor and various problems are directly linked to the condition of engine components that control the functioning of the car engine. The problems that occur in the engine directly influences the functioning and effectiveness of the car. Therefore, it is very important to take good care of the car engine.

Here are the best 10 tips for maintaining car engine:

Engine oil is the most element of a car engine that plays a vital role in car performance. It should be changed periodically or after every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. Also check the oil level and refill the tank if the level is low.

Check the condition of the air filter. If you find any kind of dirt or crack in the air filter, immediately replace it or else it would hamper the functioning of the car engine.

Whenever you decide to replace engine parts, ensure that you use original components. Faulty and fake engine components may damage the engine completely if they don't fit in well or are not reliable.

Use clean fuel for your car. Adding a fuel stabilizer to the engine can also be helpful for preventing gas from going stale.

For proper functioning of the car engine you also need to check the condition of the car battery.

The battery case should be free from dirt and cracks. If in case you find any leakage or dust on the surface of the battery case, replace the battery immediately.

A car engine also comprises a timing belt that runs the engine and some even comprise a serpentine belt that runs various pumps and accessories in the car. If you find wear and tear of these belts, then you should replace them or else it would hamper the efficiency of the car engine.

Ensure that all the car fluids including the brake fluid, engine fluid,engine coolant, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid are topped up to the marked level. Ensuring that all fluid levels are topped off can maintain the health of your engine.

Inspect the condition of the spark plug and if required change them. Damaged or ineffective spark plugs hamper the performance of the car engine and also prevents costly engine repairs.

If in case you find any kind of strange noises from the engine, get it checked from the mechanic and make sure that the necessary repair is done.
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