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What Is The Difference Between A Used Engine, A Rebuilt Engine, And A Remanufactured Engine?

Although the terms rebuilt and
remanufactured are sometimes used
interchangeably in the automotive repair
industry, the following definitions normally

A rebuilt engine is a used engine
that has been reconditioned by cleaning,
inspecting, and replacing severely worn or
broken parts. Serviceable parts that are within
the manufacturer’s acceptable wear limits are
reused. Rebuilt engines normally have fewer
new components than a remanufactured engine.

A remanufactured engine
is a used engine
that has been made as close to new as possible.
Wearable parts are automatically replaced. All
core material is closely inspected and checked
against original equipment specifications
for tolerances. Replacement parts are new
and made in the same production process
as original equipment. Testing is performed
to manufacturer specifications and original
production standards.

A used engine
is one that is removed
from one vehicle and placed in another
with very little, if any, reconditioning being
Talk with the facility representative
make sure you understand exactly what
getting before you authorize repairs.
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